$75,000 worth of stolen cards in Austin

The Magic: The Gathering community has been long a well-spring of poker talent, with top names like bracelet champs Brock Parker, Eric Froehlich and David Williams, making the conversion to poker and putting up successful results.


Poker might have a more suspicious reputation than their distant cousin, but an example on Sunday revealed that Magic is not resistant to a bit of criminal roguery as well. On 24th January, burglars stole about US$ 75000 worth of Magic cards from Pat’s Games in Austin in Texas, reported Katie Urbaszewski of Austin American-Statesman.
Magic cards are bought and sold on a daily basis among private parties, over the internet as well as at auctions. Rare cards such as “Ancestral Recall” as well as “Black Lotus” could get thousands in this type of transactions, with one of the latter going for a US$ 27302 in an auction in 2013. Most such highly valued cards are stopped from contest and they are sought after mostly for their rarity.

The thievery seems to have been pulled by 2 men captured on security camera link, one whose face is blotted out by a hooded sweatshirt as well as a cap and another whose face is partly visible under a cap. In the video, which lasts around forty-five seconds, the men seem to force the door open with a bar before going in and immediately making off with what shop owner Pat Johnson told that was 3 display cases that held around three-hundred cards total.