Bertrand Grospellier-Poker professional holding WPT title

When you think of playing the games, you can always consider playing the Poker, as the game is knowable for its handling of the cards. Handling of the cards matters the most. The players or the professionals are abundantly present so, as the players are known with the rule and tricks to play it so. There are number of professionals who play the game, yet few players play the game in a very manner. Such a player can be Bertrand, who has won the title of World Poker Tour and also European Poker Tour too. He is a famous one as he plays the game differently.

Bertrand Grospellier is a professional Poker who hails from France. The player was born on February 8th 1981. The player is referred as ElkY. The player does reside at England.

Elite status:

This player is notified for his holding of the status Supernova as well as Supernova Elite too. This is even the history as well as the record created in the field of Poker Stars. The reason is that the player turned earning 100, 000 points in the time period within 2 weeks, as well as 1, 000, 000 points in the time period within four and a half month. Thus he raised to such a status so. The player is also the member belonging to Team Poker stars. The player stands among the top level ranking Star Craft players in the world, who secured 2nd rank in the year 2011 in World Cyber Games. The player played in South Korea, whereby he placed 4th rank in Ongamenet Star League. By 2002, he has achieved the success by placing 2nd place in War Craft III : Reign of Chaos. The player is familiar for holding World poker tour and European Poker tour titles together.