Benjamin Lamb has Inclinations to win High Profile Tournaments

Poker players rely heavily on tactical approaches, especially when the stakes are too high or they surmise danger. Tough players tend to build up numerous chips from a handful; this was Benjamin Lamb’s strategy that got him a windfall in the WSOP main event.  It doesn’t matter the value that you start with, a double up may be on the way if the board bricks out. Playing tight incessantly and aggression is a double-edged weapon. Benjamin is an American poker expert who was the 2011 WSOP Player of the Year. His insidious strategies are interwoven in the golden thread of his impeccable achievements.

His potential became evident in the 2011 WSOP where he had four remarkable achievements. First he got a WSOP bracelet in a 361-entrants $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha’s Championships event that gave him $814,436. Then the 2nd position in the 685-entrants $3000 Pot-Limit Omaha Main Event 31 where he parceled $259,918. At the $10,000 NLHE Championship Event granted him $56,140. Lastly, he was eighth in the 128-entrants $50,000 Poker Player Championships Main Event 55 where he garnered $201,338. His game-plan viewed through the prism of chips, suffices to say is spectacular. In the 2011 WSOP event, he piled up 198,925 chips, yet he only had 30,000 stacks at the beginning. On the second day, he was leading in total chips, plunging into the game with 551,600 chips the next day.

Bearing in mind the arduous nature of the games he has participated, in the 2011 WSOP November 9, he had amassed 20,875,000 chips, finishing third overall. This player has latent poker talent to catapult himself to the finals of the WSOP, win the trove bracelets and titles of the global events championships. However, with his long absence, he may have to plug a lot of loopholes, but he is meritorious.