$75,000 worth of stolen cards in Austin

The Magic: The Gathering community has been long a well-spring of poker talent, with top names like bracelet champs Brock Parker, Eric Froehlich and David Williams, making the conversion to poker and putting up successful results.


Poker might have a more suspicious reputation than their distant cousin, but an example on Sunday revealed that Magic is not resistant to a bit of criminal roguery as well. On 24th January, burglars stole about US$ 75000 worth of Magic cards from Pat’s Games in Austin in Texas, reported Katie Urbaszewski of Austin American-Statesman.
Magic cards are bought and sold on a daily basis among private parties, over the internet as well as at auctions. Rare cards such as “Ancestral Recall” as well as “Black Lotus” could get thousands in this type of transactions, with one of the latter going for a US$ 27302 in an auction in 2013. Most such highly valued cards are stopped from contest and they are sought after mostly for their rarity.

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Sheraz Nasir ensures no female players Wins 2015 WPT Canadian Spring Championship

Sheraz Nasir hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, won the 2015 WPT Canadian Spring Championship and he won the top prize of $237,390.

The 2015 PartyPoker World Poker Tour Canadian Spring Championship was conducted at the Playground Poker Club located near Montreal Quebec and Nasir won it Wednesday.
Sheraz, an accountant by profession won $237,390 Canadian, and the Lu “Chanel” Zhang won the second place and the prize money of $166,402 while Levi Stevens with $106,820 took the third place. On the first event’s final day Nasir was only trailing Trevor Delaney, the chip leader at the WPT Season XIV but he had a lot of motivation to win the game. Nasir has already overtaken the 10-place finish he achieved last year at the WPT Montreal, the past November at Playground, but today he did everything to leave a mark on the WPT as well as on the Montreal city.
Dylan Wilkerson lost to Levi Stevens in the first hand of six-handed play, the 2014 WPT runner-up and 2014 WPT Johannesburg champ lost to the opponent’s A-Clubs and J-Spades. Lu “Chanel” Zhang gathered steam and had a dead heat battle with Delaney before she busted him with her aces. She also looked set for 4-1 chip lead over the rest of the table and went all out with a king-high flop over Sheraz who was holding pocket aces. Nasir made the call with top pair of kings which he doubled by spiking another king and the game’s dynamics dramatically changed.

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No $100 Dollars Bills In Play In Cash Games Of World Series Of Poker

Even now since years, In the World Series of Poker, $100 were allowed in play in cash game, but it has been decided that the World series of Poker will not allow $100 dollars bills. It has been informed with the help of the notice that has been written on the twitter.

The tournament director via notice says it has been done with the intention of making good arrangements for our guest, as well as it is also though this new setting will also improved guest experience through making them up to date with this evolving industry. It will also ensure that its actions constantly offer good experience.

The notice board also says that the changes made into the game policy will not affected to any poker tournament which these tournament are always executed exclusively with the support of tournament poker chips which are non-valued.

Now, if any player needs to exchange cash during the Series, he needs to take support of the cage or a chip runner; Selth Palansky who is the spokeperson of the World Series Of Poker informed to the card play. Now players could not pay money for chips directly for the dealers.Continue Reading

Daniel Negreanu Received $50,000 From Online Real Money Poker

Daniel Negreanu won $50,000 from online real money poker on April 20 this time. It is first time he won such big money. He got the chance from the Twitch.tv of Amazon in which He played ring games, and could arrange to win this amount during a session of three hours. He played 8-game with $400/$800 on Poker Stars, there, thousands of spectators were interacting.

Las week, the first time appeared on the Twitch through steaming play money games. The broadcast of this event got great success because it received around 150,000 special viewers while around 4000 subscribers caught him. The Team PokerStar Pro member praised to the PokerStar’s new friend, Jamie Staples, because he encouraged him as well as he also helped to make new team PokerStar Pro Jason Somerville Twitch Cool.


He informed to his friends about it on his Twitter account saying that he is thankful of the jaimestaples for assisting him in setting up on the Twitch. He also expressed his gratitude to the JasonSomerville who helped him offer cool plat form. He said it was a great experience and hoped to get more.Continue Reading

Erick lingren smart and talented poker player

When it is game of poker one should always think of winning the game instead of just playing the poker game.

He is a player who has made the game very reluctantly difficult at the poker tournaments. He is the player who has made the game very realistic for all the poker players so that they can learn the game and win as many cashes as possible .He has played at large poker games at all the levels that include the poker game at the international poker tournament as well at the domestic poker games.

He is a player who has won 96 casino this makes him the best record poker player he has around $98,2343 cashes in the entire tournament. He is a player who has won the game for winning the game He has played at all the tournaments making them the best poker tournaments till the date. He is a poker player who has the best score at the world series of poker tournaments he has 38 cashes and 2 bracelets and 12 final tables in the world series of poker tournament. He is a player who has played at the world poker tournament for winning many cashes. He is a player who has scored well at all matches. He is a player who learns new things and tries to implement then and get cashes as many he can. This is one of best player in poker community.Continue Reading