Target Rs 250 Cr FY18 Revenues; In India Poker Players To Grow By 20-30: Viaan Ind

Currently there are more than a million active poker players present in India and this number is growing by 20-30 percent, said Raj Kundra, the Managing Director of Viaan Industries.

The firm has been as the newsmaker of the day. Reason being, the stock of the company has gained about 150 percent in the last one year. The firm has signed 3 more companies for the Indian Poker League next season on which is scheduled to take place in March 2018. According to information, there would be 10 companies taking part in this league.
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World’s Most Exclusive High-Stakes Poker Game

Deal, flop, turn, river, and showdown: There are some things more tense than the final moments of a high-stakes game of poker. (In this case, Texas hold’em.)

The film Molly’s Game, which stars Jessica Chastain and arrives in theaters on Christmas Day, takes moviegoers on a high-stakes trip into the world of underground poker. The story, about a world-class skier named Molly Bloom, who went on to conduct the world’s most exclusive high-stakes poker game (only to become an FBI target), represents famed screenwriter Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut.
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Davidi Kitai a player of full enthusiasm in poker game

Davidi is a player who was born in Belgium. A player who like to play poker game as his profession and passion. The way he plays the poker games makes a difference for him. His technique of starting the poker game is very much different if we observe his game. The most important thing that he has also participated in the World Series of poker game. He is also winner of world poker game.

Davidi Kitai played all types of poker tournaments. He won many small online poker tournaments. He is more interested in playing online poker tournaments. He is a quiet aggressive player of poker. He does not use any special techniques while playing poker, but he plays with a lot of confidence. He is one of good player of poker. In the year 2012 he was first to win EPT title earning €712,000. The most interesting fact is that this was very much interesting game to watch the way he tackled the runner up player.  There is some debate on the legitimacy of his “triple crown” achievement since his WPT win was a Celebrity Invitational event, thus not being an open event and arguments that this charity event had a weakened field.

The most vital thing is that he is one of the five best players who won the title of the triple crown. This amazing way of playing poker makes him a great player in the game of poker. He has secured fifth place in the world part poker game. He has superb statistics if we take look at his game record of poker game. It is very much interesting that he plays games not only for winning cashes but also for his love passion for the game of poker. He was recognized as the highest ranking player in 2012 May. His way of tackling opposition player makes him different from other players.

Jamie Gold a player of the great dynasty

Jamie gold born in August in California. He has played many tournaments of poker, and he is a well known as a poker player as well as a TV producer in California. Jamie gold is a famous as a television producer. He has been a famous player of poker. His game has appreciated by all the professional of poker game. This player makes a difference by the way he plays the game. He is all rounder player. The player who has good hands on online casino games. He was the top ranked player in this game. What makes David Williams different from the other player is that the tricks and the way he tackles the opponent is really interesting to watch.

Struggle and intelligence of his brain. He has won 2006 World Series cup. He is a player who is famous as an activist and TV entertainment and serials. His way of playing game is unique. He also has won many primaries as well much competition in California. He is renowned due to his stature, great game, and last but not the least his discipline. His countrymen owe his same respect due to his fabulous performance in the WHOP championship his carrier. He has made a healthy and vital contribution to the game of poker.

Jamie had interest in playing poker since childhood. His grandfather was renowned poker player. He was the winner of WHOP events. He was the winner of this championship. He has seven more finishes in California series. He also has many Championships of the series on his name. He has many awards related to primary series and contribution to the game of poker. His game is appreciated by all of the professionals of poker game. He has many victories to his name. He has been a player for motivating poker games in California. Jamie gold has large and handful contribution to the poker game organization.

Benjamin Lamb has Inclinations to win High Profile Tournaments

Poker players rely heavily on tactical approaches, especially when the stakes are too high or they surmise danger. Tough players tend to build up numerous chips from a handful; this was Benjamin Lamb’s strategy that got him a windfall in the WSOP main event.  It doesn’t matter the value that you start with, a double up may be on the way if the board bricks out. Playing tight incessantly and aggression is a double-edged weapon. Benjamin is an American poker expert who was the 2011 WSOP Player of the Year. His insidious strategies are interwoven in the golden thread of his impeccable achievements.

His potential became evident in the 2011 WSOP where he had four remarkable achievements. First he got a WSOP bracelet in a 361-entrants $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha’s Championships event that gave him $814,436. Then the 2nd position in the 685-entrants $3000 Pot-Limit Omaha Main Event 31 where he parceled $259,918. At the $10,000 NLHE Championship Event granted him $56,140. Lastly, he was eighth in the 128-entrants $50,000 Poker Player Championships Main Event 55 where he garnered $201,338. His game-plan viewed through the prism of chips, suffices to say is spectacular. In the 2011 WSOP event, he piled up 198,925 chips, yet he only had 30,000 stacks at the beginning. On the second day, he was leading in total chips, plunging into the game with 551,600 chips the next day.

Bearing in mind the arduous nature of the games he has participated, in the 2011 WSOP November 9, he had amassed 20,875,000 chips, finishing third overall. This player has latent poker talent to catapult himself to the finals of the WSOP, win the trove bracelets and titles of the global events championships. However, with his long absence, he may have to plug a lot of loopholes, but he is meritorious.

Steve Dannenmann- A Brief History

There are many games present generally, where one game which turns much popularly played is Poker. Poker game is much interesting, when you hold the tricks and tips to handle the game. Handling of Poker is little bit tough, if the player is not professionally trained. Of course, this sit eh rule of any games being played commonly. Poker is something very tricky, where an individual must focus on the tricks played. Steve Dannenmann is known for his simple handling of Poker game. Also, the fame which raised his status was his ending as runner up in the main event being his first attempt in 2005 World Series of Poker.

Certified Public accountant:
Steve was born on August 15th 1966 in Maryland. Being a certified public accountant, Steve managed to play the game which he made up to winning almost equally to the winner just by making it as the second finish. Besides finishing in the runner place, Steve has earned the winning amount as $4, 250, 000. Steve is a certified public accountant who is also a financial advisor and also a mortgage loan officer in his own firm 1991. After winning this second place, Steve proudly announced that though he has won the game, he will not be leaving his own business, as he emphasized that it was his passion to advise his clients to make sound decisions in financial aspects.

Though Steve happened to be a very fresh face in the scene of Poker, at one of his WSOP segment he was claimed to be the fourth best player in his home game. Steve also emphasised that Dan Harrington’s book on the end game helped him so. Steve was somehow considered to be little superstitious, where he wore his same shirt for the consecutive 7 days. Nicknamed as Taxman, Steve competed on World Poker tour and cashed in 2 events.