Steve Dannenmann- A Brief History

There are many games present generally, where one game which turns much popularly played is Poker. Poker game is much interesting, when you hold the tricks and tips to handle the game. Handling of Poker is little bit tough, if the player is not professionally trained. Of course, this sit eh rule of any games being played commonly. Poker is something very tricky, where an individual must focus on the tricks played. Steve Dannenmann is known for his simple handling of Poker game. Also, the fame which raised his status was his ending as runner up in the main event being his first attempt in 2005 World Series of Poker.

Certified Public accountant:
Steve was born on August 15th 1966 in Maryland. Being a certified public accountant, Steve managed to play the game which he made up to winning almost equally to the winner just by making it as the second finish. Besides finishing in the runner place, Steve has earned the winning amount as $4, 250, 000. Steve is a certified public accountant who is also a financial advisor and also a mortgage loan officer in his own firm 1991. After winning this second place, Steve proudly announced that though he has won the game, he will not be leaving his own business, as he emphasized that it was his passion to advise his clients to make sound decisions in financial aspects.

Though Steve happened to be a very fresh face in the scene of Poker, at one of his WSOP segment he was claimed to be the fourth best player in his home game. Steve also emphasised that Dan Harrington’s book on the end game helped him so. Steve was somehow considered to be little superstitious, where he wore his same shirt for the consecutive 7 days. Nicknamed as Taxman, Steve competed on World Poker tour and cashed in 2 events.

The top poker nicknames

You know that if you once get a real poker nickname that sticks and gets to be well-known in the poker world – then you’ve probably “arrived”.

So even if your nickname is a tad insulting, it shouldn’t really matter as it probably means you’ve already been highly successful.

That’s how it tends to go anyway. Take Annette Obrestad, for example. She’s better known as “Annette_15” because that was her age when she started playing poker online. This one isn’t insulting, of course. Interestingly, Annette reckons she’s never had to deposit any money in an online account as she relied on bonus cash to get her bankroll going.Continue Reading

Jose Barbero

Jose Barbero was born and raised in Argentina and he started playing poker at very young age. He is a competitive poker player and familiar with all poker strategies very well. He is usually taken as inspiration for young poker players. He is playing internet poker also in his free time.

As an experienced poker player, he decided to make his first deposit at internet poker site. He quickly developed a strategy to win online poker games. With quick success online and after maintaining a perfect bankroll that allowed him to play for bigger tournaments. Finally he started achieving success at liver poker tables also.Continue Reading

Poker hits the new level under Kim

In the mildest of San Francisco the creators of highly efficient and mind teasing Sponge poker game took a further step in industry by inking a crowd funding project on Indiegogo. This technology hasn’t been stamped with the patent authority, but the motive to bring its player closer with the real time effect in this real game. The words of Kim (the founder of Sponge poker) directly emphasizes on the fact that this game has a better advancement in its features, as the players can see each other and bet on their money accordingly. The main thread behind this is the capability to know the status of the other player, as one makes a move the other gets a tring-tring call to notify the move on their screen, keeping the players on each side well dipped into the game.

So with this shift in technology simply pushes the earlier players on a new level of enthusiasm and the new ones get a chance to touch higher heights. But those who have the quality to bluff, the game even is with them, as it gives you full space to make wrong statements on the virtual desk, and get into the spirit of the game.

Furthermore the funds that have been pulled up by Sponge will target the present developments, advertisings and daily basis operating issues. Kim even raises his collar to grab the praises of the players and boosts the current popularity. Above all this the stunt to directly strike the Facebook users is one if the best adopted strategy by Kim.

Things may get better in the game, people may find it crazier, and new levels may make it more teasing till the development teams keeps on exerting their mind stats to make the poker game a word of addiction.

Tom Schneider

In a single summer Poker series, Tom Schneider won two gold bracelets and is heading his way to secure the same title.  He has already won six cashes for this summer and has again won his third gold bracelet in the event which is the $1500 H.O.R.S.E tournament.

Schneider who is 53, and a resident of the Arizona is basically a country music singer and investor by profession. However, with about $2.2 million earning and about eight WSOP table appearances at the final levels, Tom Schneider is without doubts the best poker player. Though he has become a professional, many times he had to face the former bracelet winners like David Benyamine, Adam Friedman, Greg Muller and Konstantin Puchkov. Schneider spoke saying that it was a real challenge to play with professionals like these and to get over them. Truly exhausting.

Though he is a great poker player, he believes that life should not be narrowed to only playing poker. There are so many beautiful things out of it. Poker is juts a game and you should enjoy it, giving importance to other aspects of life. He refreshes himself before a game by either writing songs, making music or doing business. He says, young people should not abandon outside things for the sake of Poker.

He has picked the 864 Card player, Player of the year on his second victory. Though Schneider has played several times poker, he does say that poker is a game of luck and skill and does require one to really freshen up before a game starts, so that one could focus on the game effectively. To his 912 points that he had won earlier, when the current 864 points are added, he has a total of 1776 total points, which is great to be at the 26th place on the overall.

Matt Salsberg

Matt Salsberg loved to take risks in life and this was the reason why he loved the job in the Wall Street. There can be no better place than this to satisfy one’s appetite for taking risks and living with the consequences. Matt Salsberg has created history by being one of those people who left the Wall Street to play poker and earn a lot more. He just loved crunching numbers and take risks; his passion for using the numbers to his favor did the job for him and he was once the most dangerous risk taker of this arena. But his passion for the game of poker made him change careers and move over to the game of poker.

Even if he was a success in the Wall Street, it did not deter him from changing careers. This was because he knew that he could make a better life out of playing poker. His confidence in himself was very high and this was the reason why he made the switch. When the changed his career into poker in the year 2002, he knew that he could win the world and change would make his life better. Starting with cash games, Matt Salsberg started playing live tournaments and this took him to the final tables within no time.

From one big tournament to the next, he was so engrossed in the game that his Wall Street career took the back seat and he decided to move ahead with the game of poker. With each event, his earnings kept on increasing and so did his reputation. This was the time when he finished with the top most players of the world and made his place there with the greatest players. With each main event, he came to be known as a player to be reckoned with.