Daniel Negreanu Received $50,000 From Online Real Money Poker

Daniel Negreanu won $50,000 from online real money poker on April 20 this time. It is first time he won such big money. He got the chance from the Twitch.tv of Amazon in which He played ring games, and could arrange to win this amount during a session of three hours. He played 8-game with $400/$800 on Poker Stars, there, thousands of spectators were interacting.

Las week, the first time appeared on the Twitch through steaming play money games. The broadcast of this event got great success because it received around 150,000 special viewers while around 4000 subscribers caught him. The Team PokerStar Pro member praised to the PokerStar’s new friend, Jamie Staples, because he encouraged him as well as he also helped to make new team PokerStar Pro Jason Somerville Twitch Cool.


He informed to his friends about it on his Twitter account saying that he is thankful of the jaimestaples for assisting him in setting up on the Twitch. He also expressed his gratitude to the JasonSomerville who helped him offer cool plat form. He said it was a great experience and hoped to get more.


Negreanu has become such personality who has won heart of around 229,000 special viewers, and he is also going to have 14000 lovers who are following on his channel. It is has also been reported that the Negreanu came here just for experiencing some joyful full moments while streaming his activities as well as acting together with spectators. Through all this, it is guessed that he is such a personality who can become famous poker steamer especially on the Twitch.


However, it is not possible that the Negreanu would like stream every day as the Staples and Somerville at present carry out. As he previously disclosed, that he would do it just for gaining the experience.