Davidi Kitai a player of full enthusiasm in poker game

Davidi is a player who was born in Belgium. A player who like to play poker game as his profession and passion. The way he plays the poker games makes a difference for him. His technique of starting the poker game is very much different if we observe his game. The most important thing that he has also participated in the World Series of poker game. He is also winner of world poker game.

Davidi Kitai played all types of poker tournaments. He won many small online poker tournaments. He is more interested in playing online poker tournaments. He is a quiet aggressive player of poker. He does not use any special techniques while playing poker, but he plays with a lot of confidence. He is one of good player of poker. In the year 2012 he was first to win EPT title earning €712,000. The most interesting fact is that this was very much interesting game to watch the way he tackled the runner up player.  There is some debate on the legitimacy of his “triple crown” achievement since his WPT win was a Celebrity Invitational event, thus not being an open event and arguments that this charity event had a weakened field.

The most vital thing is that he is one of the five best players who won the title of the triple crown. This amazing way of playing poker makes him a great player in the game of poker. He has secured fifth place in the world part poker game. He has superb statistics if we take look at his game record of poker game. It is very much interesting that he plays games not only for winning cashes but also for his love passion for the game of poker. He was recognized as the highest ranking player in 2012 May. His way of tackling opposition player makes him different from other players.