George Danzer: A Manifesto Approach Player

George Danzer popularly known as the “tricky scarfy yes this is the perfect name to George danzer as per his playing tricks.

He is a very talented tricky and a very sharp poker player. This player is very much tricky while e is playing the game. He is very much concerned and concentrated towards the game. He loves all the games played by him and he not only has a unique style of playing the game but he is also very much concerned to his opponent’sgame.

He always things that he should do some tricks that would dis attract his opponent player and this would help him winning the game with less completions more simply and by his this tricks he has won many of the games.

This player was born on the 17th july1983 he is a young player with great enthusiasms and spirit. He is very much in love with the game he plays the game very calmly and never keeps any stress he keeps it very cool and calm and makes the players playing with him more comfortable and friendlier with him. He plays the game with full of his spirit but never lets the stress come on his face and never changes the expressions he has a smiling face.

George Danzer aka tricky scarfy is a resident of Salzburg, Austria the place where he belongs to a very colorful and a very beautiful city. In the world series of poker, he has always shown his performance his performance is growing good better and best in each game he has played. He has won 3 bracelets 10 final tables and 17 one of the finish in the tournament this was fine performance by him. His highest ITM main event finish took place in the year 2006, this year was a good year; his many performances were good in this year. He was recently awarded as the player of the year in the year 2014 at the world poker tournament which is a great achievement.