Jose Barbero

Jose Barbero was born and raised in Argentina and he started playing poker at very young age. He is a competitive poker player and familiar with all poker strategies very well. He is usually taken as inspiration for young poker players. He is playing internet poker also in his free time.

As an experienced poker player, he decided to make his first deposit at internet poker site. He quickly developed a strategy to win online poker games. With quick success online and after maintaining a perfect bankroll that allowed him to play for bigger tournaments. Finally he started achieving success at liver poker tables also.

For participating in poker tournaments, he started visiting European countries also. In 2005, he participated in Paris poker series where he made his first poker table. After few months he won $500 No Limit Hold’em tournament. After 2005, he never looked back and continuously getting success in the poker world. After that he went to Spain where he finished second and won a big cash prize. He decided to translate his online poker skills to line poker events. His plan was successful and he was able to achieve equal success at live poker tournaments. He travelled to Las Vegas in 2006 for WSOP main event tournament.

He made another cashes at WSOP events in 2007 and 2008. He participated in NLHE main event also where he finished second to win good cash value. Today, he is taken as historic player in the poker history. He became first player for winning back to back tournaments on LAPT. At the same time, he was racking up some other finishes also. He is playing as a professional poker player to make a regular living. He is also being a member of PokerStars pro team for more than a year and wining money at various MTT events on PokerStars.