No $100 Dollars Bills In Play In Cash Games Of World Series Of Poker

Even now since years, In the World Series of Poker, $100 were allowed in play in cash game, but it has been decided that the World series of Poker will not allow $100 dollars bills. It has been informed with the help of the notice that has been written on the twitter.

The tournament director via notice says it has been done with the intention of making good arrangements for our guest, as well as it is also though this new setting will also improved guest experience through making them up to date with this evolving industry. It will also ensure that its actions constantly offer good experience.

The notice board also says that the changes made into the game policy will not affected to any poker tournament which these tournament are always executed exclusively with the support of tournament poker chips which are non-valued.

Now, if any player needs to exchange cash during the Series, he needs to take support of the cage or a chip runner; Selth Palansky who is the spokeperson of the World Series Of Poker informed to the card play. Now players could not pay money for chips directly for the dealers.

According to the Palansky, Poker is a game in which a huge property of the country or the world has been worthless because of the policies and method or the local or state regularity standards. So we took consideration on so many things and issues too, that’s why we decided to move into this direction.

Such kind of steps have already been taken by rest of the Casino operators; they have already brought allowing cash to an end in the poker rooms. Some of them are Station Casino, MGM Resort, etc.