Poker hits the new level under Kim

In the mildest of San Francisco the creators of highly efficient and mind teasing Sponge poker game took a further step in industry by inking a crowd funding project on Indiegogo. This technology hasn’t been stamped with the patent authority, but the motive to bring its player closer with the real time effect in this real game. The words of Kim (the founder of Sponge poker) directly emphasizes on the fact that this game has a better advancement in its features, as the players can see each other and bet on their money accordingly. The main thread behind this is the capability to know the status of the other player, as one makes a move the other gets a tring-tring call to notify the move on their screen, keeping the players on each side well dipped into the game.

So with this shift in technology simply pushes the earlier players on a new level of enthusiasm and the new ones get a chance to touch higher heights. But those who have the quality to bluff, the game even is with them, as it gives you full space to make wrong statements on the virtual desk, and get into the spirit of the game.

Furthermore the funds that have been pulled up by Sponge will target the present developments, advertisings and daily basis operating issues. Kim even raises his collar to grab the praises of the players and boosts the current popularity. Above all this the stunt to directly strike the Facebook users is one if the best adopted strategy by Kim.

Things may get better in the game, people may find it crazier, and new levels may make it more teasing till the development teams keeps on exerting their mind stats to make the poker game a word of addiction.