Steve Dannenmann- A Brief History

There are many games present generally, where one game which turns much popularly played is Poker. Poker game is much interesting, when you hold the tricks and tips to handle the game. Handling of Poker is little bit tough, if the player is not professionally trained. Of course, this sit eh rule of any games being played commonly. Poker is something very tricky, where an individual must focus on the tricks played. Steve Dannenmann is known for his simple handling of Poker game. Also, the fame which raised his status was his ending as runner up in the main event being his first attempt in 2005 World Series of Poker.

Certified Public accountant:
Steve was born on August 15th 1966 in Maryland. Being a certified public accountant, Steve managed to play the game which he made up to winning almost equally to the winner just by making it as the second finish. Besides finishing in the runner place, Steve has earned the winning amount as $4, 250, 000. Steve is a certified public accountant who is also a financial advisor and also a mortgage loan officer in his own firm 1991. After winning this second place, Steve proudly announced that though he has won the game, he will not be leaving his own business, as he emphasized that it was his passion to advise his clients to make sound decisions in financial aspects.

Though Steve happened to be a very fresh face in the scene of Poker, at one of his WSOP segment he was claimed to be the fourth best player in his home game. Steve also emphasised that Dan Harrington’s book on the end game helped him so. Steve was somehow considered to be little superstitious, where he wore his same shirt for the consecutive 7 days. Nicknamed as Taxman, Steve competed on World Poker tour and cashed in 2 events.