Gackt To Promote Poker

Gackt is the latest fan of poker who has been trying to promote the game in Japan.

He is a music star of the pop category in Asia; he has taken up the onus of changing the negative image that poker has in Japan. He was seen in the WPT Legends of Poker, an event that was held at Bicycle Hotel and Casino in California at Bell Gardens. The event has lived up to its name and has drawn several big names from all across the world, especially those who are associated with the game or wish to promote the same. This celebrity dropped in at the event as well as signed up to compete in the Legends title game.Continue Reading

George Danzer: A Manifesto Approach Player

George Danzer popularly known as the “tricky scarfy yes this is the perfect name to George danzer as per his playing tricks.

He is a very talented tricky and a very sharp poker player. This player is very much tricky while e is playing the game. He is very much concerned and concentrated towards the game. He loves all the games played by him and he not only has a unique style of playing the game but he is also very much concerned to his opponent’sgame.

He always things that he should do some tricks that would dis attract his opponent player and this would help him winning the game with less completions more simply and by his this tricks he has won many of the games. Continue Reading

Chris Moorman Ambassador For 888poker

There have been several illustrious poker players who have come on board as ambassador for 888poker.

While Kara Scott has been in the news, Chris Moorman is also one of the illumines personalities to have become ambassador for 888poker. His assignment came on from June 2016.

88poker has definitely been in the headlines and continues to be so. The latest live festival event that has been started in London has Kara Scott hosts the event. Chris Moorman joined in June from UK as one of the ambassadors as well. All ambassadors of 888poker have been avid poker players. Chris has been known as one of the tournament players in poker for a long time. Among the winnings he has accumulated over time, his all time earnings stand at $13.4 million almost. He also tops the list when it comes to money that he has earned online as no one else has earned as much as him, going beyond ten million in earnings.Continue Reading

No $100 Dollars Bills In Play In Cash Games Of World Series Of Poker

Even now since years, In the World Series of Poker, $100 were allowed in play in cash game, but it has been decided that the World series of Poker will not allow $100 dollars bills. It has been informed with the help of the notice that has been written on the twitter.

The tournament director via notice says it has been done with the intention of making good arrangements for our guest, as well as it is also though this new setting will also improved guest experience through making them up to date with this evolving industry. It will also ensure that its actions constantly offer good experience.

The notice board also says that the changes made into the game policy will not affected to any poker tournament which these tournament are always executed exclusively with the support of tournament poker chips which are non-valued.

Now, if any player needs to exchange cash during the Series, he needs to take support of the cage or a chip runner; Selth Palansky who is the spokeperson of the World Series Of Poker informed to the card play. Now players could not pay money for chips directly for the dealers.Continue Reading

The top poker nicknames

You know that if you once get a real poker nickname that sticks and gets to be well-known in the poker world – then you’ve probably “arrived”.

So even if your nickname is a tad insulting, it shouldn’t really matter as it probably means you’ve already been highly successful.

That’s how it tends to go anyway. Take Annette Obrestad, for example. She’s better known as “Annette_15” because that was her age when she started playing poker online. This one isn’t insulting, of course. Interestingly, Annette reckons she’s never had to deposit any money in an online account as she relied on bonus cash to get her bankroll going.Continue Reading

Eric Buchman Finishes Fourth

Eric Buchman entered the final table of 2009 World Series of Poker with a huge amount of 34.8 million and stood second after Darvin Moon. He has almost $900,000 in the career tournament earnings. Besides his notable result in 2009 Main Event, Eric Buchman first got noticed when he won 2004 New England Poker Classic and got $275,000 for winning that tournament. His performance did not stop there. In the 2006 World Series of Poker (WSOP), he finished second in a $1500 Limit Hold’em event for $174,938.  Apart from that he also became the runner-up in $5,000 buy-in WSOP Main Event at Harrah’s Atlanta City which netted him $208,666. He also entered into the $10,000 buy-in tournament and achieved the fourth place in that competition.

The day 7 of 2009 WSOP Main Event was a really memorable day for Eric Buchman because in this day, after the dinner break, Buchman went against a standard opening raise and determined to move all-in with A-10 of hearts for a massive bet of just over three million with blinds at 50,000-100,000 and a 10,000 ante.  After all, his attempt was turned into an unsuccessful one when Jonathan Tamayo made a stand with his pair of jacks. At that time Buchman needed some luck in the Main Event. However, Buchman got a chance to double up to over six million chips with a perfect 9-7-2, all hearts, and at the end of seven day Buchman ended up just over 10 million and never looked back since then.

On the day 8, Buchman, with his eight years of experience in professional poker and with his family support, chip away at the remaining players. After all he got the fourth place in the 2009 WSOP Main event and he earned 2.5 million after tripling his stack before the end of the game with a great confrontation.