Laura Chao, average poker player

Laura Chao was born in United State. She started playing poker in the year 2000. In the starting of her poker carrier she player three poker tournaments of Limit Hold’Em. She played her first poker tournament in the middle of year 2000.

The event was California State Poker Classic Event #1 – limit Hold’em. In this event she was ranked 5th and she won $8,570. After that she played Heavenly Hold’em Tournament Event #8 – Limit Hold’Em. In this event also she ranked 5th and won $4,383. After this she played her last tournament of the year which was National Championship of Poker Limit Hold’em. In this event she was ranked 4th and had won $4,360 as price money.

After year 2000 she took a gap of one year and returned back in 2002. In the year 2002 she played three more tournaments. This year her rank was quit low as compared to her pervious tournaments. The event was LA (Los Angeles) Poker classic Event #1 limit Hold’em. In this event she ranked 19th and won a prize money of $2,691. After this she played the Annual World Series of Poker Event #2 –WSOP Limit Hold’em. In this event she ranked 8th and won $22,940. Continue Reading

Day 1 and 2 of APPT: Box Xie Leads and Johny Chan is out

In the day 1 of Asia Pacific Poker Tour Season and Asia Championship Main event of point 286 grand total players came for the action.

After several levels, the players came down to 175. By the end Rory Yound the Poker Asia-Pacific World seies winner won the biggest stacj of day 1 by night with 1, 50,100 chips. The others stack was close to Young which includes PokerStars 2013 Asia Player Jian Yang with 1,47,600, Dong Guo with 1,20,400 and 101,600 by Anson Yan Shing Tsang.

With the start of 2014 Asia Pacific Poker Tournament, the day 2 of Macau main event ended by 87 out of 212 poker players. The day was of long levels 7 and ½ hour and the Box Xie became the chip leader in the field with chips of 1,66,000.Continue Reading