Target Rs 250 Cr FY18 Revenues; In India Poker Players To Grow By 20-30: Viaan Ind

Currently there are more than a million active poker players present in India and this number is growing by 20-30 percent, said Raj Kundra, the Managing Director of Viaan Industries.

The firm has been as the newsmaker of the day. Reason being, the stock of the company has gained about 150 percent in the last one year. The firm has signed 3 more companies for the Indian Poker League next season on which is scheduled to take place in March 2018. According to information, there would be 10 companies taking part in this league.

Raj Kundra said that this month they are planning to a lunch a new game name Domestic Diva. They are launching this in the animation segment and the show would be launched in March with Viacom.

He said the interest level for Poker in India is massive. On the business Kundra said, last year they posted nearly Rs 128 crore in revenues and got the profit of about Rs 13 crore. The target for FY18 is Rs 250 crore and profit target is Rs 25 crore after the tax, said Kundra.

The future growth of this game is very promising and added that the pipeline is strong and they have many new games in the pipeline to involve poker lover more and more in the game and give something new to them.

The industry of poker is big here and it will only get bigger and stronger. There are over a million active poker players in India and all this is because of the massive number of poker lovers in India. And the best part is the number of poker players in increasing with a great place here. So, the opportunity is big here, including the challenges.