The top poker nicknames

You know that if you once get a real poker nickname that sticks and gets to be well-known in the poker world – then you’ve probably “arrived”.

So even if your nickname is a tad insulting, it shouldn’t really matter as it probably means you’ve already been highly successful.

That’s how it tends to go anyway. Take Annette Obrestad, for example. She’s better known as “Annette_15” because that was her age when she started playing poker online. This one isn’t insulting, of course. Interestingly, Annette reckons she’s never had to deposit any money in an online account as she relied on bonus cash to get her bankroll going.

Providers like will give new players up top £160 free cash (£32 for each £20 deposited) so if you think you could be the next    “Annette_15” – it may well be a good place to start.

A little less complimentary is Phil Laak’s nickname; “Unabomber” – so-called because his hoodie and sunglasses make him look like a little like the real Unabomber, Theodore Kaczynski. This was a man who undertook a bombing campaign from 1978 and 1995 in North America – aimed at people who were involved with the development of technology. Nevertheless, Laak is a generally [popular player.

The same can’t always be said for the so-called “Poker Brat”, Phil Hellmuth Jr. His nickname comes from his tendency of leaving the table in a huff and his petulant displays or tantrums which are often mocked by his opponents. But Hellmuth is no pushover and has earned his nickname partially from being so successful. He became the then youngest-ever WSOP Main Event winner in 1989 and won and his 11th WSOP bracelet in 2007. He was also inducted in the Poker Hall of Fame in the same year.

Meanwhile Greg Raymer is known as “Fossilman” because he shields his hand with a fossil when playing and has an interest in palaeontology. Raymer won the WSOP Main Event in 2004.

For those players no longer with us – there’s the “Grand Old Man of Poker”, Johnny Moss (1907-1995) who won the first ever WSOP Main Event back in in 1970, as well as two subsequent WSOPs. There’s also  “Nick the Greek” – Nick Danadalos, who was also called the “King of Gamblers” at times. He made and lost fortunes several times over and is another legend in the poker world.

The same can be said of “Amarillo Slim” Thomas Preston who once dubbed himself the “World’s Greatest Gambler”. Perhaps not too modest – but deservedly so;  Amarillo Slim was the first real star of poker, and won the WSOP Main Event in 1972 along with three other WSOP bracelets.

So if you get ever successful enough to have a nickname – you’ll really know you’ve arrived.